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Jue Joe Family Time Line with Blog Links

The following is a time line of the Jue Joe Clan Story represented in the lives of the original Jue family in America : Jue Joe , his wife Leong Shee , and their children as well as Jue Shee and Jue Nui , Jue Joe's brothers. I have included blog hyperlinks for those who want details of the story . This story and the blog itself is dedicated to all the members of our Clan's first family : Jue Joe, Leong Shee, San You , San Tong, Corrine and Dorothy , and all their descendants, as well as the descendants of Jue Nui ( the Loon Family) . As San Tong said "The whole in time heals it's injured parts". My hope is that in the telling of this story our clan can become whole once more.
Jack Jue Jr.

1874 Jue Joe arrives in San Francisco at the age of 18
1874 to circa 1878 Jue Joe is employed as a vineyard laborer in Marysville
1878 to circa 1887 Jue Joe is employed as a vineyard laborer in St. Helena
1876 to 1902 Jue Joe deals with anti Chinese anger and violence and restrictive immigration laws
1882 or 1883 Jue Joe obtains his first certificate of identity in St. Helena
1887 to 1893 Jue Joe is employed as a laborer on the Southern Pacific Railroad , Coastal Route
1880's Jue Joe pays for his older brother Jue Nui to emigrate to America. Jue Nui works as a fisherman and cannery worker in Monterey, California and later goes to Alaska to work but is lost at sea .
1893 Jue Joe obtains his 2nd certificate of identity.
1893 to circa 1896 Jue Joe is employed by the Johnson family in Chatsworth as a houseboy
circa 1893 to 1894 Jue Joe meets Otto Brant either through Otto Brant's houseboy Wong Joe or possibly in the Mojave desert and the two become friends.  Jue Joe helps Otto Brant with real estate transactions by serving as a "strawman" and loaning Otto money , and  Otto Brant helps  Jue Joe obtain leases to farm land.
1896 to 1902 Jue Joe farms potatoes in Chatsworth , selling them at a produce market in Los Angeles
Circa 1890's Jue Joe pays for his younger brother, Jue Shee to emigrate to the US . Jue Shee takes classes in English in Los Angeles and Pasadena  while helping his brother at the produce market.
1902 Jue Joe leaves for China , leaving his business with his brother Jue Shee .
1902 Jue Joe arrives in China marries Leong Shee in an arranged marriage builds a house and farms land in China
1903 San You , Jue Joe's first son is born
1905 San Tong , Jue Joe's second son is born.
1904 Jue Shee enrolls in college prep classes in Chemistry and English literature at Pomona College. He drops out after only three months. In 1905 Jue Shee sells the Jue Joe farming and produce business without telling his brother and leaves for Paris and then Harbin, China.
1906 Jue Joe discovers that his brother , Jue Shee has sold his business and stopped sending money to China . Jue Joe decides to move back to Los Angeles to remake his fortune . He leaves Leong Shee in China with his two sons.
1906 Jue Joe returns to America despite discriminatory immigrations laws that bar his return,  probably through the intercession of his friend , Otto Brant and begins farming again  in El Monte near Los Angeles , probably on land leased again through the help of his friend Otto Brant.
Circa 1908 Jue Joe opens a saloon on 2nd and Broadway in Los Angeles.
He is friends with Otto Brant , Harrison Otis and Harry Chandler .
1908 to 1918 Jue Joe begins farming again in the San Fernando Valley ,
1915 Jue Shee ( who has been in Paris and then Harbin ), finally shows up in the village and tells Leong Shee Jue Joe is alive and in Los Angeles. Leong Shee has not heard a word from her husband in 9 years ! Jue Joe begins corresponding and sending money .
1918 Jue Joe sends for his wife and two sons and they emigrate to the United States.
Immigration photos are taken of Jue Joe and his family . Jue Joe certifies that he is a merchant and thus legally able to bring his wife and sons from China , Initially detained and interrogated on Angel Island San Francisco , Leong Shee and the boys are finally released to join Jue Joe.
1918 through the 1920's and on into the 1930's Jue Joe reunited with his family and sons expands farming operations in the San Fernando Valley , Santa Paula - Fillmore region , and Imperial Valley. Initially Jue Joe grows potatoes and later switches to asparagus. around the early 1920's.
1918 to 1920's San You and San Tong are educated at Van Nuys High school . Graduating , San You helps managing the family produce market in downtown Los Angeles . San Tong helps on the farm .
1919 Corrine Jue is born to Jue Joe and Leong Shee.
1921 Dorothy Jue is born to Jue Joe and Leong Shee.
Corrine and Dorothy unlike their brothers are American citizens as they are born in the United States . ( US Constitution 14th Amendment)
Early 1920's a photo is taken of the Jue Family, Jue Joe, Leong Shee , Dorothy , Corrine,
San You , and San Tong .
Mid to Late 1920's San You and then San Tong are married. San You marries Maxine May Kam, an American born Chinese girl in a large Chinatown wedding. They have three girls Maxine V. , Lorraine, and June.
San Tong falls in love and marries an American born Chinese girl , Rose Chung
Late 1920's to early 1930's Jack and Joan Jue are born to San Tong and Rose.
1932 Jue Joe pays for Jue Nui's grandson Chan Lum ( " Loon") to emigrate to America
1933 San You passes away
1934 Joe Jue's Asparagus farms have become very successful and he is hailed as the "Asparagus King. " by the LA Times.
1935 Rose Chung Jue ( 1st wife of San Tong ) passes away
1937 San Tong Jue returns to China and marries Yee Lai Ping and brings her back to Los Angeles.

1938 to 1941 the family asparagus farming operations fall on hard times during the depression . San Tong assumes increasing responsibility for farming operations .
1941 Jue Joe passes away. Because the Alien Land Law prevents aliens not eligible to become naturalized citizens from owning land , Jue Joe prior to his death causes title of all the Jue family land holdings to be placed in his American born daughter's names. United States law in effect at the time prevents all Chinese born abroad from ever becoming naturalized citizens.
Early 1940's Corrine goes to UCLA , Dorothy goes to USC and later John Hopkins
Corrine is a contestant in the Moon Goddess festival
1937 to 1944 Soo Jan , Guy , Pingeleen and Soo Yin are born to San Tong and Ping
Circa 1947 the Van Nuys Ranch house is built. San Tong Jue has renamed the Van Nuys Ranch the Jue Joe Ranch in honor of his father.
Late 1940's Corrine Jue marries Lansing Kwok ( a Hong Kong based merchant) , and Dorothy Jue marries Warren Moe ( a physician).
1940's into the 1950's San Tong expands farming operations in Saugus /Newhall
The Zoraster and Holloway families are neighbors to the Jue's in the San Fernando Valley both these families are involved in the hatchery business.
1950 San Tong Jue becomes a naturalized citizen (Laws preventing Chinese immigrants from becoming naturalized citizens are finally repealed after World War II.)
1950 Jack Jue (son of San Tong) marries Alice Kwok and Joan Jue (daughter of San Tong) marries Richard Yen
Jack having graduated from UC Davis in agriculture joins his father in the asparagus farming business and makes a video of the Saugus farming operations.
Circa 1950 Chan Lum ("Loon") returns to China and marries Fay , Yee Lai Ping's sister.
(They have two son's Jimmy and Ming)
1955 A Law suit is filed against San Tong by Corrine Jue , Dorothy Jue and Maxine Jue ( daughter of May Jue-San You's widow )
1956-1958 Trial and Appeal
A trial lasted from October 22nd to December 18, 1956 and resulted in a judgement against San Tong .A subsequent appeal was made by San Tong's attorneys and a final judgement was made on August 28, 1958 affirming the decision of the trial court and against San Tong.
San Tong and his family are evicted from the Van Nuys Ranch by his sisters and sister in law
1957 to 1986 San Tong tries to make a new life for himself in Florida and then Mexico
1968 Yee Lai Ping ( 2nd wife of San Tong) passes away
1969 Maxine May Kam Jue (wife of San You) passes away
1971 Corrine and San Tong have a tearful reunion and reconciliation at Auntie Soo-Yin's apartment in San Francisco
1971 Leong Shee passes away
1972 My Great aunt Corrine and My Grandfather San Tong both attend my college graduation ceremony at UC Berkeley
1986 During San Tong's terminal illness , Corrine comes to visit him twice at Auntie Soo Jan's house and they share some time together. "San Tong never blamed his sisters. He forgave them. One day he said to me, "Even though I lost the land I thank God that it still remains in the family." To him family meant everything. He always said, "The whole in time heals its injured parts." This is so Chinese. One looks ahead and long term. Sees each life as a fraction of the whole of a family's life-force. Auntie Soo-Yin. "
1987 Soo-Yin and Pingeleen make a trip back to China to visit Jue Joe's Village and the house he built there. They meet relatives , bring a recorded message from San Tong, who was too ill to go on the trip, and shoot a video .
1987 San Tong Jue passes away
1997 Corrine Jue Kwok passes away
2001 Dorothy Jue Moe passes away


  1. If you have previously visited this blog but have not re read some of the previous posts , please check out the blog links in this timeline. Auntie Soo-Yin has continued to enrich the blog immensely with her memories and stories in the comment section of the original blog posts. Many of her comments are very recent.
    Thank you so much , Auntie Soo-Yin for helping
    us all understand in such detail the drama of our family story . History , the history of our clan , has really come alive through your work on this blog !

  2. When Nick asked me tonight about this blog, I decided to finally visit and spend some time reading it. It's midnight and I have not been able to stop clicking on all the links.
    Wow! Thanks so much for your and Auntie Soo-Yin's research, memories, and efforts to bring the family history to life. This answers sooo many questions I have had about the family linkages...fascinating! xxoo, Arlene