Monday, June 28, 2010

Details: Jue Joe Clan Family Tree

I have been asked by one of the readers of this blog to post a family tree. Here is a family tree with some of the birth and death dates of some of the family members where I have the information . Some of the important family members I was not able to put on this tree were Uncle Loon and Auntie Fay. Uncle loon was a cousin of San Tong , and his Wife Auntie Fay was the sister of Yee Lai Ping . Another important person in the story not on the chart is Jue Shee, younger brother of Jue Joe. Of course, the family tree is much larger in 2010 . For example , I am the son of Jack Jue , and I have two sons , a daughter and a grandson . What I wanted to do in this family tree is to take the tree out to the grandchildren of Jue Joe. By the way , family trees are easy to construct on a number of genealogy web sites. This one was created with a tool on . If any family members have corrections, or additions to this tree, please let me know . It is easy to edit and I can post a corrected version .
ps. Corrine had three stepsons who were Lansing's sons from a previous marriage .. Russell, Kirby and Joel . Corrine did not have any children of her own . Thank you Aunties Soo-Yin and Soo-Jan for helping me update this family tree.
Descendants of Jue Joe

Jue Joe
b. 1856
d. 1941
Leong Shee
b. 1884
d. 1971
San You Jue
b. 1903
d. 1933
Maxine May Kam
b. 1906
d. 1969
Maxine V. Jue
Lorraine Jue
June Jue
San Tong Jue
b. 1905
d. 1987
Rose Chung
b. 1908
d. 1935
Jack Jue
b. 1928
d. 2013
Joan Jue
Yee Lai Ping
b. 1918
d. 1968
Soo -Jan Jue
Guy Jue
b. 1939
d. 1988
Pingeleen Jue
Soo-Yin Jue
Dorothy Jue
b. 1921
d. 2001
Warren MoeDinah Moe
Dixie Moe
Laurie Moe
Corrine Jue
b. 1919
d. 1997
Lansing Kwok


  1. The family tree is wonderful. The relationships are so clear when you can see them graphically represented. Good job.

  2. I am so delighted to find this blog and the name of my childhood friend, Pingeleen (called Pingey at school). We were at Hayvenhurst Ave. School together and I played with her at the "ranch," but it seemed much grander than a ranch to me. I especially liked the swimming pool with pictures of sea creatures. Pingey was great fun and had lots of energy, as did I. We were well matched. I tried to get in touch with her about 30 years ago, but failed. Thank you for reminding me of a sweet and joyful time in my childhood.
    Kathy Galvin,