Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jue Shee's Pomona Transcript

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As previously discussed in this blog , my great grand uncle , Jue Shee was the younger brother of Jue Joe . With Jue Joe's help he immigrated to the United States and was educated in the United States obtaining a PHD in Mining Engineering . According to family oral history , he was initially educated at Pomona College and then went to UC Berkeley. We assumed that this education was in the late 19th Century but recent information may change that timeline.
Recently with the help of Mark Kendall , Editor of the Pomona College Magazine, and Margaret Adorno, Registrar at Pomona College, Auntie Soo-Yin was able to obtain a transcript of Jue Shee's courses there . Attached is a picture of his transcript. The transcript actually creates a lot of new questions about Jue Shee.
According to the transcript Jue "See" was born in Sept 1867 (7 years younger then Jue Joe ) in Sam Kong, Canton China, He is a member of the Congregational Church and under parent " reports to self". He is enrolled in the Pomona College Prep school ( High School level courses ) and not the university . He is granted provisional status in June and starts taking Elementary Chemistry and English Literature courses in September of 1904 . He drops out of these classes in December of 1904 . He is 37 years old at the time he enrolls in Pomona College Prep classes. There is no other record of Jue Shee's time at Pomona. Earlier we posted pictures of Jue Shee's chemistry textbooks that Michael Jue located . We have determined that one of these old chemistry textbooks is indeed in the Pomona College library holdings. Copyright dates of the textbooks as well as their subject matter ( high school level chemistry) are consistent with Jue Shee's enrollment in a high school level chemistry class at Pomona College Prep school in 1904. Also Auntie Estelle has a very old English Literature book (Collected works of Dickens) that may be from Jue Shee's Pomona English literature class. These books were all originally in the book case at the Jue Joe Ranch and saved by Uncle Guy.

Currently we are working with the registrar's office at UC Berkeley to try to find any record of Jue Shee's time there but have been so far unsuccessful .

Why did Jue Shee take college prep classes for a brief time at the age of 37 in 1904 and then drop out after only 3months?
Where did he go to further his education after Pomona?
Why has it been difficult to find records of his graduation from Berkeley?
We originally thought Jue Shee obtained his education at Berkeley in the late 1890's and thought we had discovered a picture of him? Is this true ? Is the picture really him ?The mystery of Jue Shee is a fascinating side light to our family history .

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