Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Details: Sun Tong Jew Naturalization Certificate

(courtesy Auntie Soo Jan)

The law preventing Chinese born in China from becoming naturalized citizens is finally repealed and San Tong becomes an American citizen on February 10th , 1950.
He is listed as Sun Tong Jew on the certificate. Check previous blog posts concerning the reason my Grandfather had a number of different ways to spell his name.

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  1. I recall how proud San Tong was in finally becoming "Naturalized." He believed everything would be o.k. from now on in regard to the Jue Joe holdings and to his filial duty to continue Jue Joe's intent. San Tong's birth name is in 3 parts: Sen San Choong. Sen is his generational name. San Choong is his given birth name, which is a two-part birth name (as in Jimmy and Ming's grandfather's name: Sen Shia Jeong). Auntie Soo-Yin.