Monday, June 14, 2010

Remember the Source

Remember-The Source
"When You Drink Water Remember the Source "
(Translation of an ancient Chinese proverb)
by Joan Jue Yen

My Auntie Joan painted this picture for the grand children, great grand children and the great great grand children of the clan. It is a fitting reminder that we should gather to remember the source and pay tribute to those who have come before . This story is Our story , the story of the Jue Joe Clan . It is a remarkable story full of great joy , great sorrow , and of survival in the face of adversity . It is the story of a family immigrating from China and putting down roots here in America in a difficult time of discrimination and exclusion . If you have memories, pictures , or documents please do share them with all of us. The easiest way to do so if you have comments is to just post them directly on the blog or email them to me . If you have pictures or documents the best way is to scan them and send them to me via email as PDF or Jpeg files . In the weeks and months to come we will flesh out the story , and continue to "Remember the Source. "
Best wishes to you all ! Details of how the blog is organized follows in the comment section below.

Special thanks to all of you who have helped me put this blog together :
Michael for finding the old packing house for the family Newhall/Saugus farm
My brother Richard for sharing the great aerial shot of the ranch in 2010
Auntie Estelle for sharing the great aerial shot of the ranch in the early days .
Auntie Pingy for correcting me , --- for all these years I thought the baby in Posie's lap was Scott not Jimmy !!!!!!!
Auntie Joan for supplying me with all the wonderful pictures and letters of Ah Gung and the grandma ,Rose , that I never met . and painting that great picture that I have posted above.
Bob for writing the wonderful poetry .
Christopher for writing that amazing story of Ah Gung and his "Secret Machine"
Very Special thanks to Auntie Soo Jan and Uncle Mel for sharing very important memories and helping to gather together special papers, documents and pictures. It is a treasure trove of material , that I have only begun to present .
Most special thanks to Auntie Soo-Yin whose book and research was the spark that got me started on this project . She has already told this story for all of us but I thought the internet would be a fitting place to get the story out to our kids who can read the story on their i phones,i pads, droids , blackberrys, pc's , netbooks and notebooks

Finally I would like to thank my Dad who has spent hours talking to me about family history over the years . I always wanted to be a historian , it is just happening a little later in life then I expected :)!

Jack Jr.


  1. JR: You are right that this Blog is the best way to tell our story to all the future generations! And I can feel your love and passion for this endeavor. Auntie Soo-Yin.

  2. The core story of our family is told in the posts prior to this one starting from the first post
    " Finding our roots-A Beginning" and on to this one .

    The remaining posts are "Details" adding documents , memories and pictures to the core story. Thanks to all who submit these "Details " and help to keep this blog alive.

  3. My hope is in the future to add blog links to separate family blogs of the clan branches .
    A future blog of mine will be the " Jack Jue Clan History " , the history of our clan branch starting with my Father Jack and Mother Alice . I would encourage other family members to start their own blogs and share the memories and pictures of their own family branches with all of us. It is really easy to do using this free Google Blogging service. If you do start your own blogs , let me know and I will add them to the Blog links list.

  4. It would be nice to put a family tree in the blog to make it easier to see all the relationships clearly.

  5. I have posted a family tree on the blog links

  6. Bravo for an invaluable and unique contribution, enhanced by the wonderful video of the asparagus farm operation. Despite the fuzziness of the original film, the composition, sequencing, and camera steadiness is excellent. One suggestion that I have mixed feelings about is that the original sound track be replaced by a single narrator more or less repeating the original commentary. That would eliminate the whirring projector sound captured during the transfer to VHS.
    This gem of history deserves a wider audience!

  7. Hi, my name is Marisol, the great great granddaughter of Jue Joe, and the granddaughter of Pingy. I am doing a family tree project for my 8th grade history class, and this blog is an amazing, accurate, and detailed source of information. It's so interesting to be able to travel through time, and learn about my family. Thank you so much!

  8. Hi Marisol, I am so happy that you have enjoyed the blog and that you have found it helpful for your history project ! Like Auntie Joan said
    "When You Drink Water Remember the Source ". This blog is for all the decendants of Jue Joe so we all can remember where we came from. Hope to see you again at one of our family get togethers!. "Cousin Once removed " Jack Jr. :)!