Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Halcyon Days

Rose, San Tong and little Jack are on the far right of the picture. Rose's brothers, sister, brothers' girl friends complete the costume party

Jack and Joan , Rose and San Tong's kids

Rose and Jack

San Tong , Rose and Jack

San Tong Jue loved to shoot home movies . This collection of early home movies features San Tong Jue , his wife Rose , their children , Jack , and Joan , and San Tong's sisters Dorothy and Corrine . Also on the movie are Jack and Joan's first cousins ,Maxine, Lorraine , and June , who are children of San You Jue (San Tong's brother) and Maxine May Kam. There is a scripted train robbery movie that also includes Rose's brother Willie. This movie is remarkable when you realize that the young stars of the movie , Jack and Joan , recently celebrated their 82nd and 80th birthdays . The movies were shot circa the 1930's . These are movies from what I have called the " Halcyon Days" of the Jue clan , a time of joy and happiness and prosperity , and of an immigrant family becoming truly American . Jue Joe's hard work in establishing the clan in America had paid off , and the family was doing well despite the Depression

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