Friday, August 6, 2010

Details: San Tong Jue , Food Scientist

As we have seen in a previous post , San Tong tried very hard to put himself back in luck's way in Mexico.

Auntie Soo-Yin writes :
"In the "South of the Border" period of his life San Tong invented many food products such as soy sauce, 5-spiced peanuts, sharks fin exporting, damiana tea, passion fruit champagne, Esther White piglets, thousand-year-old eggs, to name a few. He was always reading and working out formulas. I think his true calling was as a food scientist. "

Auntie Estelle writes ;

Hi J.R.
Finally took time to catch up on the Jue Joe Clan blog. Rich mentioned that some of us visited your grandfather in La Paz. So I thought you might enjoy seeing photos I found of the tea factory that Uncle Guy took when we were there in 1984 . Thank you for doing such a wonderful job documenting the Jue family history for all of us and, most important, for future generations.
Auntie Estelle

(Thanks so much for the pictures , Auntie Estelle ! They are priceless. I really wish I had made that trip too ! Jr. )

Your grandfather proudly showing us the tea bag machine

A corner of San Tong's apartment in La Paz that he transformed into his food products laboratory

The damiana tea factory in La Paz


  1. Great photos! San Tong's address in Mexico at the above apartment was: Independencia 513, La Paz, Baja California Sur. It was a cute little 2-story unit in which the ground floor was a lab filled with Alhambra bottles bubbling with liquid, percolating atop rows and rows of tables. Other tables were piled high with chemistry books and food science manuals. The upstairs was San Tong's living quarters. I missed out on the family trip to La Paz, but did make a trip to see him later. San Tong told me how happy he was that the whole family made the big trip. It meant so much to him. He was so excited, he had bought extra beds and blankets for everyone. His time in Mexico was a lonely one except for his business ventures. This is what kept him alive. He always found it hard emotionally to return to Mexico after having visited with us. Auntie Soo-Yin.

  2. First photo: The man on the right side of the photo was San Tong's partner in the "tea manufacturing business." I've forgotten his name but he was very nice, he was very outgoing too, and had a wife and young children. San Tong and his daughter Auntie Pingileen searched for the right tea making machine in Los Angeles. The one he liked is the one you see in the photo. I think he said that the machine could produce 1200 tea bags per day. Auntie Soo-Yin.