Thursday, July 9, 2020

Front Door to the Main Ranch House

The buildings of the Jue Joe Ranch are now gone forever but the pictures and memories remain.
Here is a photo of my Auntie Joan and my cousins Bob and Jeni at the front door to the Ranch House circa 1962.  The Chinese character on the door is "Fook" in Cantonese  or "Fu" in Mandarin meaning good luck or good fortune.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Jue Joe Ranch Buildings Razed

Today the current owners of the Jue Joe ranch property have begun demolishing all the buildings. Workers report that the historic redwood packing shed and barn from the original Jue Joe Ranch will go first and then the ranch house that my grandfather built. The buildings and the stories will live on in our collective memories.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Wedding: San Tong Jue and Rose Chung 8/12/1927

This last weekend I visited my cousin Bob and we explored the keep sake chest of our grandmother, Rose Chung. Here is the wedding invitation and formal photos of her wedding with our grandfather, San Tong Jue  in 1927.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Jue Joe Ranch- A new powerpoint by Auntie Soo Yin

Here is a new enhanced Power point presentation by Auntie Soo Yin about the history of Jue Joe and the Jue Joe family in America. which is nicely set to music.
The best way to view this presentation is to hit the expand full screen button on the bottom right and then once you get a full screen, click on the oval white area  in the right lower corner  and then click  play ( On some computers the music will just start automatically) . Once the music starts, just  manually advance the slides on your computer while you listen to the music !. The last powerpoint slide includes a video set to music of Jue family asparagus operations . It does not open properly from the power point presentation on this blog so I have included it below the power point presentation .  Thanks Auntie Soo Yin!

Legend of Zhao- By Auntie Soo Yin

Here is new power point presentation by Auntie Soo Yin on the history of the Zhao (Jue) clan  from which our family is descended. There is music for you to enjoy while you look at the slides.  The best way to view this presentation is to hit the expand full screen button on the bottom right and then once you get a full screen click on the oval white area in the right lower corner  and then  click  play  ( On some computers the music will just start playing). Once the music starts manually advance the slides on your computer while you listen to the music !.
Thanks Auntie Soo Yin !

Friday, March 22, 2019

Robert Yen's Poem " The Ranch"

Recently my cousin Robert Yen shared a moving poem he wrote long ago about the Van Nuys ranch.

 "I came upon this poem in my old files. It’s one I wrote 30 years ago based on stories my mom told me about her growing up with your dad at the ranch. You’ll recognize that it actually combines her stories with some of my memories of the ranch house which didn’t exist during their childhood, e.g., the moss by the front door, the steps and the door mat on the side of the house. (Remember that closet next to the door where Ah Gung kept his hats?)"

- for my mother and uncle

With a walnut branch
we coax a black horse to the fence.
Together, we climb on its wide back
and watch the sun fall
beyond the far eucalyptus.

The slivers of beef
and asparagus from father's fields
are on the stove, and as we make our way home
we leave low-hanging motes of dust
then climb three steps
and pause before entering, to rattle
our shoes on the steel mat beside the door.

The table is set in grey.
We set ourselves in the black chairs
and cool our throats with milk
from a silver pitcher.

At night the house is silent
except for father
coughing into a bag in the kitchen.

we pinch the light from stars
and watch the moon rise in the east
out of Asia.

From the door of a packing shed
Mexican songs and lantern light scatter
across the glimmering fields.

I step through the cold and tender moss
by our front door.

a good woman-our grandmother-
draws me near and whispers good night
before I climb on the moon's yellow light
into feather comforters where I cry
and try to remember
the face of our mother.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Auntie Soo Yin's Talk at Daniel Pearl Magnet School

Recently my Auntie Soo Yin was invited by Franky Ortega, a teacher at Daniel Pearl Magnet High School, to give a talk about the history of the Joe Joe Ranch to his classes."Daniel Pearl Magnet High School is a magnet school within the Los Angeles Unified School District in Lake Balboa, Los Angeles, near Van Nuys, in the San Fernando Valley. It is the smallest comprehensive high school in LAUSD  ".  It is located adjacent to Birmingham high school of which Auntie Soo Yin is an alumnus herself. The site of the Jue Joe Van Nuys ranch is located very close to the school within walking distance.

Here is Auntie Soo Yin's description of her talk.
"It was an honor to bring the Jue Joe story to Franky's students.  I spoke to two different history classes of Franky's, the third and fourth periods, and each time the kids were very engaged and asked me good questions.  They found our family's transnational story fascinating.  The talk addressed birthright citizenship, exclusion laws, emigration and separation of families, culture clash, colorful characters and historical figures that graced the ranch, and the San Fernando Valley's historical ranch culture.  They loved your Saugus video!!  It made the points that I covered come alive for them because they could see how asparagus farming was actually done!  When the video showed women sorting and grading asparagus shoots on a moving conveyor belt in the Packinghouse, one student exclaimed it was just like watching "I Love Lucy," in which Lucy is working in a chocolate factory!  Students commented that our family's past legal and social challenges were very relevant to important issues that this country is embroiled in today.  Also, they were delighted to learn that Ritchie Valens had lived briefly on the Jue Joe Ranch!  When I asked for a show of hands if anyone knew of Ritchie who'd died before their time.  All the students raised their hands!  They knew every song that he had recorded too.  Moreover, the kids were excited to learn that I was an alumnus of Birmingham.  They asked me what was it like attending the School back then, and were the teachers good or bad, lol!"

As part of her presentation she showed an edited video I made of the film of the Jue family Saugus farming operation that was created by my late father, Jack Sr.  and late Uncle Harry.

Here is her powerpoint presentation.