Monday, May 23, 2011

Van Nuys Ranch- Circa 1949

Here are some great photos of the Van Nuys Ranch Homestead in the early days contributed by Auntie Soo-Yin ( Click on photos to enlarge):

"As I'm rummaging through boxes at home I'm finding more photos of our family in the early days of the Valley:

#1. Here is a photo of the Vanowen St. home that Ah Gung had built. The front door of the home was custom built and on which the Chinese word for "happiness, prosperity" was carved in gold. Leong Shee, San Tong's mother, had chosen this word to bless the new home. On the far left is Ah Gung's green Lincoln Zephyr. Later, he bought a black chrysler that had more room for his growing family.

#2. In 1949 it snowed in Van Nuys! This photo shows what our home looked like the day after the snowstorm. In the distance is Auntie Joan building a snowman. The night before, as snow was falling, your Dad and Auntie Joan put on their skis and had Uncle Guy and Auntie Soo-Jan pull them around on the front lawn. The next morning Uncle Guy got sick. So my Mom sent Auntie Pingileen and I out to gather a bucket of snow for Guy. Then we all had so much fun throwing snow balls at each other in Guy's bedroom, called the "den."

---- Auntie Soo-Yin

Here are some links to earlier posts concerning the Van Nuys Ranch House

Aerial view of the Ranch house in the farming days .
Aerial view of the Ranch house in 2010 .

Happy days
at the Ranch house .

Van Nuys neighbors in the old days

Pictures of the Ranch house and barn in 2010 .

By the way , recently Andy Hurvitz who has his own blog " Here in Van Nuys" discovered our family history blog . He has put up a nice post about our Jue Clan . He has some great pictures on his blog of Van Nuys in the 1940's and 1950's and is reporting on the community in modern times as well.
Check his blogs out. He is also a writer and photographer.

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