Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Ranch House 2010

My brother Richard , who is a commericial real estate appraiser has sent me this great recent aerial view of the Van Nuys Ranch House that San Tong built. The property is marked with a yellow dot and can be readily identified by the tennis courts behind it. After San Tong lost ownership in the house and the surrounding ranch property , the house was turned into a private tennis club and the house , front lawn and swimming pool were left intact to serve as the clubhouse for the private club . The surrounding property was subsequently sold and subdivided.

edited to add :
recent photos of the exterior of the ranch house , and of adjacent barns can be found in this post :

edited 6/3/2011 Here is a great detailed Google earth view of the Vanowen Ranch in 2011
contributed by Andy Hurvitz
(click to enlarge)

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  1. In April 2009 Uncle Ed's brother, a history buff on SFV, told us that the Jue Joe Ranch has the only original redwood barn left standing in the Valley and that it should be classified as a "Historic Landmark." "It is a treasure," he said. So Ed and I drove by the property because he wanted to see what he'd heard so much about. The big redwood barn that faces Vanowen St. was intact (Auntie Joan said it was originally Jue Joe's horses stable). The Chapman-designed house was repainted gray-blue. When we lived in that house the exterior was painted white with brick-red plantation shutters. The house once stood on 300 acres. Later, San Tong sold 200 acres to Southwest Properties for subdivision. Within the remaining 100 acres only the Balboa-side property of 50 acres was intended by Jue Joe to be a gift to his daughters Corrine and Dorothy. The lawsuit, however, was over the other 50 acres on which the Chapman house and farm operations stood. Auntie Soo-Yin.