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Jack's Photos at the Golden Gate International Exposition 1940

The Jue family went to the Golden Gate Expo in 1940 in San Francisco. The fair ran during 1939 and 1940 and the Jue family made the visit in the last year of the fair. This was an ambitious world fair that showcased new technology and the cultures and countries of the Pacific.  My Auntie Joan said she saw her first television at this fair.  My father Jack who was 11 at the time brought along his camera and shot these pictures at the fair.  My dad wrote about the pictures on the back and I have put his comments in captions. My Dad throughout his life loved taking pictures and movies. He most enjoyed taking pictures of friends and family rather then scenery. It was often said that he was friends with everyone. He had a funny,  easygoing way about him and really had a way of putting folks at ease and seemed genuinely interested in everyone's stories.  It seems that being a "people" person started pretty early. Just a few scenery shots in his album and lots of pictures of family and friends!

"Jack and Joan at Expo"

"Joan 9 years old, Expo, June 9, 1940"

"Fair, San Francisco, 1940"

"Sun Tower , Treasure Island"

"Fair, 1940"
(This is a picture of the "Gay Way" which was the Midway amusement section of the fair, probably tons of fun for my aunt Joan and my Dad who were 9 and 11 at the time)

"Chinatown , fair 1940"
( A group of Chinese merchants in San Francisco donated toward the construction of a "Chinese Village"  on the fair grounds complete with this pagoda.  Besides the Chinese section at the fair , there was a Japanese section. Little did folks realize at the time that war with Japan was only a short 1  year in the future and that Treasure Island would change from fairgrounds to a busy military base.)

Here is some postcards from the era illustrating the Chinese section of the fair.

Here are some other photos of family and friends at the fair. Looks like a big group went to San Francisco for the trip. Unfortunately, I don't know who all the folks were but I will let you know when I can.  Maybe other family members can identify the folks.

"Joan J, and Donald Z. at Expo "
(Joan J is my Dad's sister Joan and Don Z. a  good childhood friend.)

"Corrine, Treasure Island"
(Corrine was my Dad's aunt.)

"Irene, Clarice, Peewee .. Expo"

"Irene, Joan,   Expo"

"Bobby, Clarice at Exposition"
 (Auntie Soo-Jan: "I recognized and can identify Bobby and Clarice, but don't know who PeeWee is.  She could be a member of the same large family.  Bobby and Clarice are siblings from the Wong family.  They lived in the same neighborhood as our Los Angeles home.  Their parents, especially their Mother, known to me as Wong Mu, were close friends to my parents.  In fact, I have pictures of some of the Wong children (including Clarice) celebrating my first birthday.  I run into Clarice occasionally.  She lives in Orange County and we even go to the same hairdresser! ")

"Victor Y., Dorothy J.,  Harry J. , Lucie at Expo Park 6/9/1940"
(Dorothy J , is my father's aunt Dorothy )

Here is a newsreel of the time about the fair.

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