Monday, August 4, 2014

Jue Family Farming in Wasco, Kern County 1933

Sam Jue was the eldest son of Jue Joe and unfortunately died of leukemia in October of 1933. His illness was sudden and devastating and until the onset of his illness he was a young vigorous representative of Jue Joe's farming operations. In early 1933 he was in charge of a successful Jue family farming operation near Wasco in Kern County on 40 acres of land leased under his own name. At the same time Jue Joe was farming some 44 miles away in Porterville as well. At this time, at the peak of Jue Joe farming operations 750 acres were under cultivation in San Joaquin County, Kern County, Tulare County , the San Fernando Valley, and the Imperial valley. I recently discovered this article dated August 20th 1933 from the Los Angeles Times. Despite the Depression, Jue family farming operations were successful  and Sam Jue's farm was the "largest commercial project of its kind in Kern county" and offering "employment to many".  Sam Jue died on October 21,1933 only 2 months after this article was published. He was only 30 years old at the time of his death. This article is a poignant reminder of the promise of Sam Joe's young life and the tragedy of his untimely death.

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