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Immigration Interview of Sun Yew/ Jue Family on Angel Island 1918

Both the sons of Jew Joe did an excellent job in their immigration interviews. Despite their young age and being interviewed by strange foreign men in an intimidating setting they remained cool and collected and did their father proud!  Here is a picture of a typical Angel Island Immigration interview that illustrates what these boys needed to face.

Here is a picture of my great uncle, Sun Yeaw (San You) on Angel Island.

Statement of Applicant 10-3    Interpreter Louie Fon.
Speaks See Yip dialect, Interpreter qualifed.
Admonished, if  you do not understand the interpreter to immediately so state.

Q What is your name ?
A Sun Yew.
Q No other names?
A No other.
Q How old are you ?
A 15 years ( Inspector's note, Applicant appears to  be about the age claimed.)
Q Date of birth?
A  K.S. 29 ( October 1903) Sam Goong village, Dai Hai Gong.
Q What is your father's name?
A Jew Soong and Jew Pan Joong.
Q Where is your father?
A He is now in Los Angeles?
Q How old is he ?
A 62
Q When did you see him last?
A When I was about 2 years old.
Q What is your mother's name?
A Leong Shee.
Q How old is she?
A 35, natural feet.
Q Of what village is she a native?
A Ma Choong village, S.W. district.
Q Have you any brothers or sisters?
A One brother, no sister
Q Give me the name and date of birth of your brother?
A Jew Sun Teong (Choong). 13 years, born K.S.32(1906) 7-17.
Q Are you sure of the year?
A No , I am not sure , it is  K.S. 31 or 32.
Q How much younger is he than you?
A I am two years older than he.
Q Therefore he must have been  born in K.S.31 not in  K.S. 32.
     Inspector's note, the date of birth is Aug .17, 1905.
Q What is your paternal granfather's name?
A Jew Leung Kow.  He is dead.
Q Have you ever seen him?
A No
Q What is your paternal grandmother's name?
A  Lee Shee.
Q She living?
A No.
Q Ever seen her?
A  No. she is dead.
Q Has your father any brothers or sisters?
A  Three brothers and one sister.
Q  Name of your father's oldest brother?
A  He had an older brother that died many years ago, I never saw him.
Q Did he have any children?
A One son
Q What is  his name?
A  Jew Jeung.
Q Did  he have another name?
A Jew Mun Jew, he is married.
Q Has he any children?
A Three brothers and one sister.
Q What are their names and ages?
A  Jew Shun Lam about 14 years . Ah Gum , don't know her age, she is married. Tuey Sew, about so big,  indicating with his hand, about 3 ft. high 
Q Name of your father's next brother?
A  Jew See, 51 or 52 years.
Q Where is he?
A At home in China.
Q Does he have any children?
A  One boy and one girl.
Q What are their names and ages?
A Jew Sin Nam 17 years.   Jew Mun Sui , a baby.
Q What is the name of your father's next brother?
A He is dead, I don't know his name . I never saw him.
Q Did he have any children?
A Son.
Q What is his name?
A Jew Fook . He is older than myself but I don't know his age and he is now at home.
Q What is your father's sister's name?
A  I don't know her name.  She is married.
Q She is living?
A She is living.
Q Where is she?
A Nam Loong, S.W. District
Q What is the location of your house in  your village?
A 4th house 4th row from the head of the village.
Q Where does Jew Jeung alias Jew Mun Jew live?
A Lives in the same village.
Q Do they live in your row?
A No.
Q Toward the head or tail of your house?
A Toward the head.
Q First row in the head of the village.
A I can't say which row.
Q You don't know  which row in the village?
A I can't say  whetheer he lived in the 1st row or not.
Q Where did Jew See and his family live?
A Live in our house.
Q Which side of the house?
A They live in the right  hand side of the house.
Q Where does Jew Fook live?
A He takes his meals at our house but sleeps anywhere, sometimes Ancestral hall and sometimes in club rooms.
Q Did he ever live in  your house?
A  No.
Q Did he ever live near your house ?
A Yes, he lives in a little house directly from my house.
Q Does it touch your house?
A  No.
Q How much space divides them?
A About as far as  that corner to that corner ( indicating distance of 12 feet).
Q Is it across the alley from your house?
A Yes.
Q Have you anything further to state?
A No.
Q Have you understood the Interpreter( thru Inspector Sawyer in Chinese).
A Yes.

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