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Immigration Interview of Leong Shee/Jue Family on Angel Island 1918

My paternal great grandmother, Leong Shee, has raised her two boys all by herself for the last 12 years. She has not seen her husband for 12 long years. Finally, he has sent for her and the boys, but first she must past this interview given by strange foreigners in a foreign land.
Note in this testimony Jew Joe's brother, Jew See, is called  Jew Ah Sui by Leong Shee.

Statement of Applicant 10-2
Interpeter: Harry K. Tang
Speaks See Yip dialect, Interpreter qualified.
Admonished if you do not understand the Interpreter to immediately so state.

Q What is your name?
A Leong Shee
Q What is your given name?
A  Ah Ho.
Q How old are you?
A  35.
Q Have your feet ever been bound?
A No.
Q Where were you born?
A Hoong Ma Choong village, S.W. District
Q Is that the Ma Choong village?
A Yes.
Q What is the difference between that and Hoong Ma Choong?
A There is no village named Hoong Ma  Choong and the village in which I was born is Ma Choong.
Q Didn't you say Hoong Ma Choong at first?
A I meant Ma Choong village.
Q What is your husband's name?
A Jew Joe alias Jew Soong.
Q Has he any other name?
A Jew Pan Soong
Q Has he or yourself ever been married before?
A No , both of us were married for the first time.
Q When did you marry him?
A I was married when I was 19 years old , K.S. 28-10-4 (Nov. 13, 1902)
Q  Where  have you lived since your marriage?
A In Sun Way , Sam Goong, Dai Hong Lee village.
Q Had your husband ever been in the United States before you  married him?
A Yes, I married him when he came back to China.
Q How long was he in China on that visit?
A He came home in K.S. 28 and returned to the United States in K.S. 32.
Q How many children have you had in all, living and dead?
A Two boys only.
Q What are their names, ages, date of birth and whereabouts?
A JewSun Yew, 15 years, born K.S. 29(  Oct 7,1903) 8-17, applicant here. Jew Sun Tong, 13 years old , born K.S. 31-7-17 (Aug. 17,1905), he also is an applicant here
Q What is your husband's father's name?
A  Jew Leung Kow, who died long ago.
Q Did you ever see him?
A No.
Q What is your husband's  mother's name?
A Lee Shee , she also died long ago
Q  Have you seen her?
A Yes.
Q When did she die ?
A She died in  K.S. 29.
Q Where did she die?
A In Sam Goong, Dai Hong Lee.
Q Did she die in your house?
A Yes.
Q  How many brothers and sisters has your husband?
A He has three brothers and one sister.
Q What is the oldest brother's name?
A I don't know his oldest brother's name because he died before we married.
Q Do you know where he died?
A No.
Q Did you ever hear the circumstances under which he died?
A No.
Q Did he have a wife?
A  Yes,  but she is dead also.
Q Did he have any  children?
A He had a son but no daughters.
Q What is the  son's name, age and present whereabouts.
A  Jew Ser Jeung.39 or 40 , now living in my home village  in China.
Q Did Jew Ser Jeung have  any other name?
A  His marriage name is Jew Mun Jew.
Q Does  Jew Mun Jew have a family?
A Yes , he has a wife and 2 daughters and one son.
Q Give their ages and names.
A The son Jew Chan Lam is 14 years . The older daughter Ah Gum is 18 years, she was married last year. Jew Tuey See, 5 years old.
 Q What is the name of your husband's next brother?
A Jew Ah Sui.
Q How old is he ?
A 50
Q Where is he?
A In our home village in China.
Q Was he ever in the United States.
A Yes. 
Q Ever in any other country?
A  I don't know.
Q  How long has he been home in the village?
A  4-5 years.
Q  Has he a family?
A Yes.
Q  What is his wife's name?
A Mook Shee
Q Has he any children?
A Yes, one son and one daughter.
Q What is the son's name and age?
A Jew Sin Nam 16 or 17 years old.
Q What is the  daughter's name and age?
A Jew Mun Sui, 3 years old.
Q What is your husband's third brother's name?
A Jew Ah You , who is dead now.
Q When did he die?
A I don't know, he died before I married  my husband.
Q Did he have a family?
A Yes, a wife and she died and he has one son.
Q What is the son's name?
A Jew Ah Fook
Q  How old is he?
A Over 20
Q Is Jew Ah Fook married?
A No.
Q When did Jew Ah You's wife die?
A She died 8 or 9 years ago.
Q  What is your husband's sister's name?
A Jew Ah Ho
Q How old is she ?
A  60 or 70.
Q Where is she?
A She married across the  river in Nom Loong village.  I suppose S.W. district but it is on the other side of the river.
Q Have  you  ever seen  her or her husband?
A  I have seen her but not her husband.
Q Has she any children?
A One son, no daughters.
Q What is the son's name?
A  Leung Poy Young.
Q How old is he?
A Over 30.
Q Have you ever seen him ?
A Yes.
Q  Where did you see him?
A In my home when he came to visit us.
Q When was he last at your house?
A When we bought our house in K.S. 29 (1903).
Q Which way does Dai Hong Lee face?
A It faces south.
Q What is the location of your house?
A 4th row, 4th house counting from the head of the village.
Q Which is the head of the village .
A West.
Q Is that the house that was bought in K.S. 29 (1903).
A Yes.
Q Have you ever lived in any house since that house was built.
A  No.
Q Is there any stone road that leads to your village?
A Yes .
Q At what side of the village?
A At the head of the village.
Q What direction does it lead?
A This stone road runs right through the village from head to tail .
Q Does it run through near the front of the village  or near the rear of the village?
A  Near the rear of the village or at the foot ot the hill.
Q Who has resided in your house with you?
A Jew Ah Sui's wife and children .
Q  Has Jew Sui himself lived in the house?
A Yes
Q  What part of the house does he occupy?
A The small door side.
Q Is that the left or right side of the house?
A We occupy the East side and they the West side. We are on the left and they are on the right.
Q Is the big door to the tail of the village?
A Yes
Q How long have they been living with you?
A Since they were married 4 or 5 years ago.
Q Did you say that Jew Sin Nam , the oldest son is 16 or 17 years old?
A Yes. This is his 2nd wife, for the first wife dies and he brought the son back from a far country, I don't know where.
Q Where is the residence of Jew Seu Jeung alias Jew Mun Jew?
A He lives also at Dai Hong Lee last house 2nd or 3rd row from the head of the village.
Q Is he in the row next to your row or is there a row between?
A  There is one row between.
Q Did he have a  family when your husband was last in China?
A Yes, he was married before my husband came home.
Q Does your husband know his children?
A Yes, he knows the two oldest.
Q Where does Jew Fook live, that is , the son of your husband's brother, Jew Yow?
A In my house.
Q Why didn't you mention him when I asked you to name all the occupants of your house?
A He is a boy, he does not sleep in the house but comes home to eat.
Q Where does he sleep?
A He sleeps outside in some Ancestral home.
Q Don't you know where he sleeps?
A No , I don't .
Q Has he ever slept in your house?
A Yes, when he was a small boy.
Q Where did he sleep at the time when your husband was home?
A In a small house a short distance away from our house.
Q Was  there a space between that small house and your house?
A No.
Q Did the two houses join each other?
A Yes
Q  Where did you get your water for household purposes?
A From the well located at the foot of the hill.
Q Near the head or tail of the village?
A Near the tail.
Q Any protection around the well?
A No, but it is surrounded by stone platform a little higher then the surrounding ground.
Q Is it circular or square ?
A It is square, 4 stones making the four sides and slightly raised from the ground.
Q Do you identify these photographs ( indicating photographs on the papers)?
A I do not know him (indicating the photograph of the manager of alleged husband's firm). This is my husband (identification is correct). This is myself. This is my son Jew Sun Yew.  This is my 2nd son , Jew Sun Teong. This is Lee Bing.  Identifications correct.
Q How long have you known Lee Bing?
A I saw him when he came to our house in K.S. 32
Q How many times has he visited your home?
A 6 or 7 times.
Q When was those 6 or 7 times?
A He visited us 2 or 3 times in K.S. 32 (1906) when he came to China and in C.R. 3 (1914) when he was in China  he visited us 2 or 3 times again.  He is a relative of my mother in law.
Q  What was the purpose of those visits?
A He brought us some money from my husband.
Q How much money?
A $50.00 in K.S. 32 (1906) and C.R. 3 (1914) $50.00.
Q If he made 6 or 7 visits what was the purpose of the other visits?
A Just to visit us because he is  our relative by marriage.
Q Have you anything further to state?
A No.
Q Have you understood the Interpreter (by Inspector Sawyer in Chinese)?
A  Yes.

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