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Jue Joe Family in the 1920 and 1940 Census

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1920 Census Record for Jue Joe Family
I was recently able to locate the 1920 Census  record of the Jue Joe Family. The family at that  time lived  at 1311 Newton Street in Los Angeles. The family members at the time were Jue Joe age 64 , wife listed as "Ho"  , (I assume this is Leong Shee) age 36, San You , son , age 16, San Tong ,son age 14, and  daughter "Ah How" (Corrine) age  9 months. Jue Joe's occupation is listed as a truck farmer.
I assume that at this time Jue Joe was farming in the San Fernando Valley but had a residence for his family in central Los Angeles. This house was very close to the City Market  on San Pedro /9th where Jue Joe  sold his  produce at the time.   Perhaps other family members can fill me in as to more information as to this time in our family's history. By the way all the neighbors do not have Chinese names , and it looks like the Jue Joe family was the only Chinese family in the area.

Here is a current modern day map with the location of the Jue Family's 1920 residence.

Here is a  map  showing details of how Jue Joe got to and from  City Market to his house. This residence is in an ideal location to the produce market.  Location of the Jue residence is  A. Location of City Market is  B.  Not much of a commute to work in the produce market, but a huge  long commute to the farming operations in the San Fernando valley!

By the  1940 Census the family has moved to the Van Nuys  Ranch  on 16608 Vanowen Street . Here is the 1940 Census Record of the Jue Joe Family. 

It lists the worth of the property at 60,000 dollars and the residents as Jue Joe age 82, Leong Shee, wife, age 56,  daughter Ah How (Corrine) age 21, and daughter Dorothy age 19. Jue Joe's occupation is listed as a truck farmer.Since the time of the  1920 census Jue Joe's first son ,San You, has died  and his second son, San Tong, is married and living in Los Angeles with his own family. 
Thanks to Andy Hurvitz who located  our family information on the recently released 1940 census records.  Andy has a great  ongoing  blog about Van Nuys  and  has a nice post about the information  he learned from the census record of  his own street in 1940.

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