Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Additional Pictures of "Posie"-Leong Shee

"Posie"(Leong Shee) was Jue Joe's wife , mother to Corrine, grandmother to Soo-Jan, mother-in-law to Ping and my great-grandmother.
We have discussed her life in this previous post and in this post which explores her time in China as a "Gold Mountain Wife ".
Here are some additional photos of "Posie" with Corrine, Ping and Soo-Jan from Auntie Soo-Yin's collection

My Auntie Soo-Jan and "Posie".

Ping,Posie, and Corrine

Here is a picture from Auntie Joan's collection ..
Posie with her grandchildren Jack Sr . and Soo-Yin

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