Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Early Van Nuys

Auntie Soo Yin has provided some great photos of early Van Nuys (Click on photos to enlarge ) ;

"I.N. Van Nuys Ranch: Grub time on the I.N. Van Nuys Ranch, 1895. In Jue Joe's time this is how the south portion of the San Fernando Valley looked, all wheat farms. Later, Jue Joe purchased 300 acres of this land and that portion became the Jue Joe Asparagus Ranch. (Title Insurance and Trust Company.) "

"Cahuenga Pass, 1897: This is what the wagon trail looked like for Jue Joe. He drove a team of four horses hitched to a buck wagon filled with crates of potatoes. And it took him three hours each way to drive his wagon from the San Fernando Valley and over the Cahuenga Pass to the Los Angeles produce market. The Pass is now the Hollywood Freeway. (Title Insurance and Trust Company.) "

First Track Office, Van Nuys: Located at Virginia and Sherman Way, circa 1910. Subdivision began in the south half of the San Fernando Valley, and lot prices started at $350. (Title Insurance and Trust Company.)

More details of Jue Joe's early years in the San Fernando Valley can be found here.

San Tong, Van Nuys HS: The Van Nuys High School Year Book of 1923. San Tong Jue is a student in the Freshmen A Class, he is standing in the back row, fifth person from the right side of the photo. The page illustrates San Fernando Valley's early Spanish colonial heritage, wild animals at the Griffith Park Zoo, and ducks swimming at Reseda Park's large duck pond.

More details of San Tong's high school years can be found here.

Ps. Auntie Soo Yin has provided a number of other photos which I have added to previous posts.

This post contains additional photos of San Tong's businesses in Mexico.
This post contains a nice portrait of San Tong in his later years.
This post contains a nice picture of San Tong and Ping going to my Uncle Guy's high school graduation in 1957.
This post contains an interesting telegram from an East Coast Asparagus wholesaler to Jue Joe.

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