Friday, July 18, 2014

Jue Joe Returns to America-Ship's Manifest 1906

Recently  I have been able to locate Jew Joe's record on the ship's manifest of the SS Mongolia on which he returned alone to America from China on January 26, 1906 after staying in China for four years, getting married and fathering two sons.  He was 49 years old at the time .(Jue Joe later changed the English spelling of our surname from Jew to Jue ).
The record states that his surname is Jew and primary name is Joe ,  born September 26, 1856 in Sam Kong, San Ning China . He returns as a laborer . He has an identifying "tumor on right eye".  His destination is Los Angeles, CA.

Click the picture of the record on this link and you can  zoom and manipulate the record . Look at line 29 .
Jue Joe's record on 1906 Ship Manifest

Here is a previous post that explains how  Jew Joe returned as  a "returning laborer" even though his  immigration should have been blocked by the existing discriminatory immigration laws of the time .
He must have had some "friends in high places, " who convinced the immigration authorities to "land him ". Interestingly, after return to the United States , Jue Joe applies and receives a duplicate of his original identification certificate required of all Chinese in the United States that he does not have with him on return . Yet on the ship manifest a return certificate number is listed that does not match the number of his original certificate.  I suspect all these issues would have caused him to be sent back to China and not allowed entry but for the intervention of  his "friends in high places ".

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