Friday, January 18, 2013

1928 Baby Book -Jack L. Jue.

My grandmother Rose kept a beautiful little book during my father, Jack's first year of life. I discovered this treasure tucked away in the pages of one of my Dad's scrapbooks. Dad was born on June 10, 1928.  If you look at his weight records , he actually weighed less at 2 months of age then at birth . He had a condition called pyloric stenosis that causes narrowing of the outlet of the stomach. This condition gets progressively worse in the first few months of life and can cause the little baby to starve to death.  It is easily corrected by sugery, but in 1928 operating on infants was certainly touch and go . My father's grandfather strongly opposed any medical intervention but as my Dad looked weaker and weaker , finally relented to pressure from my grandfather , San Tong.  The operation was done and a success and my father rapidly gained weight and became a healthy baby. In the book are pictures of my Dad growing up and his mother Rose , as well as the list of presents for his first birthday party !

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