Thursday, June 10, 2010

Unearthing Family Farming History

Got this email from Michael Jue . Michael is my cousin , and also, like me, grandson of San Tong Jue . He is the son of my Uncle Guy , my Father's brother . Uncle Guy , unfortunately , passed away too young at the age of 48 and is no longer with us .
Jue Joe and San Tong Jue farmed in the San Fernando Valley , the Imperial Valley as well as Santa Clarita / Valencia .

"Thanks, JR. This is great!!! I think that I have something you can add. On my drive up to San Francisco 3 weeks ago, I stopped in Santa Clarita/Valencia and hunted around for the old barn. I remembered stopping there with my dad and a few other family members some 25 years ago. I'm pretty sure that this is it. Uncle Jack, do you recognize it? It's tucked up against a hill just east of Interstate 5 and just north of Magic Mountain Parkway.


  1. Michael and JR: I remember this barn. For years I've searched for this site, too. Auntie Pingileen and I used to ride up here with Brothers Jack and Guy, then she and I would play in the barn. The rear window backed up against a hill and one day from that window we saw a rattle snake shedding its skin on a hilltop tree above. Glad you found the site. Auntie Soo-Yin.

  2. Auntie Pingileen writes:
    Regarding the barn photo sent by Michael it is the old packing house on the Jue Joe Ranch.